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OUT NOW on Spotify! “Cherish The Day” TV Series Music debuts “Tell Me How You Really Feel” by Dani W + Drew 


Dani W + Drew out now on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and more.  Find their artist page on your favorite platform and join their page as a monthly listener.  

"Tell Me How You Really Feel" recently premiered on Oprah's OWN in a TV series called "Cherish The Day" Directed by Ava DuVernay (Selma, They See Us, 13th...).  The new music video is out now - Watch it on SoulTracks.

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To listen on Spotify, click the image below:

Dani W + Drew’s “Tell Me How You Really Feel” on Spotify, Google Play +

“Cherish the Day” Soundtrack features “Tell Me How You Really Feel” by Dani W + Drew in Episode 2 (Art Gallery) 





Powerhouse Ava DuVernay aired her new show “Cherish The Day” on OWN network, premiering the first two episodes.  Dani W and Drew reveal their debut single “Tell Me How You Really Feel”, their original song produced by Lyell Roeder, in the Art Gallery scene in Episode 2.  Things are heating up between the two lead characters and we can’t wait to see next week’s episode. 

D+D are proud to debut their original song featured on the “Cherish the Day” soundtrack!  Stay tuned for the official single release on their Instagram/Facebook ( DaniWDrewMusic) or join the mailing list on the home page for more. Need to hear it now?  Spotify and Apple Music, listen to the lyric video on YouTube here: Cover Art by Jessica Kemejuk.


What the world is saying about “Cherish The Day”“ Reviews in the Press below.  Most importantly, once you’re all caught up on “Cherish the Day”, tell us how you really feel.


New York Times:

“Living Legacy” Wins International Songwriting Award! 

Celebrate with Dani W!  She was just awarded first place for her original song “Living Legacy”!  

Judges included Grammy nominated producer/engineer Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne), Darryl Ross; a Multi-Platinum producer/arranger, Barry Coffing; a No#1 songwriter, whose songs have been in over 200 films and TV shows, Alan Roy Scott who has had cuts with (Celine Dion, Roberta Flack, Cher, Ray Charles), Mike Gormley, LAPD Mgmt. who helped launch the careers of Rod Stewart, BTO, Rush, The Police, Danny Elfman, the Bangles and Diana Williamson who has written 2x#3 Billboard Hot Club chart songs, is author of “101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting, is a Voting Member of the Grammys, a Juror for Factor and CEO of  

Huge thank you to Tanner Richie who produced the music for Legacy and to the entire dream team who created the official music video Directed by Derek Jennings which is OUT NOW on YouTube!  

Watch the official music video on the home page or stream the song on Spotify or your favorite listening platform!


Original Songwriting Credits

Lyricist and Co-composer: Danielle W Carter

Co-composer and Producer: Tanner Richie


Official Music Video Team Credits

Directed by: @deezusshuttlesworth @apotheosisentertainment Derek Jennings, Apotheosis Entertainment 

DP/Editors: @tennysonmccoy @turnerfamilyproductions Tennyson & Siri, Turner Family Productions 

Co-produced by: @najeebrown93 Christian Brown 

Choreographer: @chuckmaldonado Chuck Maldonado Entertainment 

Lead Assistant Choreographer: @patrick_leshore  

Assistant Choreographer: @sunshinesolice  

Wardrobe: @rashantels  

Dancers: @joe_brown101 @suhaliamadison

Locations: Special thx to @drlegacystudios @thesongwritingschool

Online Party is Half Way There! Meet Our All Star Choreographer Chuck Maldonado.... 

We are 15 days into the 30 day online party campaign which launched with fireworks!!!  

Thank you for everyone who has contributed and helped us thank the creative team for the official music video "Legacy"!!  If you're in a position to share the campaign message or to contribute, here's the link: 

CONTRIBUTE HERE:​​​​​​​livinglegacyparty


Head Choreographer Chuck Maldonado has worked with a range of A-list and indie talent!  We are honored to have him lead the choreography with his team of lead choreographers Patrick Leshore and Solice Surles.

Check out Chuck Maldonado's reel below, or Click here:


Special Performance for Wall Street Alliance Supporters & Honorees Raising over $1MM  

Georgetown's Wall Street Alliance raised over $1MM in support of student education. Scholarship recipients spoke in appreciation to contributors.  The President and Managing Director of PIMCO and the President of Michael Kohr's received awards as special honorees at the event.  

This year I am very honored to participate as the featured artist at the event with special guest pianist Kevin Sibley.  As I entered the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria, I felt an overwhelming sense of honor and gratitude to be a part of this 16th annual benefit.  The timing was immaculate because the mission is aligned with the message of my first original single "Legacy".  

My personal intent to build unity through singing and songwriting has been a fulfilling journey beyond what I could have imagined, leading me back to home among fellow Hoyas who are actively contributing to build and empower future generations through education.  It was a powerful evening and I am grateful to have concluded the night through song, connecting with over 650 warm hearts at once with a shared purpose of granting the key to the next generation.