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Videography: Evan Blum

Music Producer: Abstrakt Soundz

Makeup by Janelyn

Thank you John Kim!

Wardrobe Styled by ONYX xoxo at

Step Into “The Other Room EP” x Abstrakt Soundz  

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The Other Room EP is Out Now!  Catch some incredible visuals on Instagram @DanielleWCarter by @EvanBlumMadeIt and keep it locked on Dani W on Spotify 💋. 

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NEW RELEASE: Enter "THE OTHER ROOM" Dani W x Abstrakt Soundz  


New EP Produced with Abstrakt Soundz Productions is OUT NOW!

This project has made its way to see the light of day!  

Sharing this project with you is a dream come true.  Created with the incredible Abstrakt Soundz Productions, I had a safe space to share my life in the form of a handful of abstract songs.  Each song is a little planet of its own.  Please enjoy as if you’re in a virtual reality tram ride or walking through a gallery or museum with your loved ones.

"The Other Room" was created after the loss of several loved ones and I can't explain how long it's taken me to truly accept each one of them passing away.  I had the pleasure of connecting with a special Digital Artist named Paul Montelongo who captured the visual nature of these sounds and mixed emotions.  His graphic designs are raw and beautiful and project the strength in facing life, death and re-creation.

Special thanks to Anthony Bowman and Digital Artist Paul Montelongo of Urks Design for bringing my mini universes to life!  


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Dani W + Drew meet us at The Ranch in new mini documentary!  

Dani W + Drew released their duo project titled The Ranch Sessions EP and now…they share the making of mini music documentary which releases today!!  

Meet Dani W + Drew for a special mini documentary brought to you by Legacy Records, an indie California company.  

Watch it here on YouTube:

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New Release! Dani W + Drew “The Ranch Sessions” EP on Spotify:

Now Streaming Worldwide!  Share with us, what’s your favorite song from this special EP we recorded on a ranch in Texas in the comments below or via direct messenger.  So far “Rude”, “Fed Up” and “Midnight” are getting so much love!!  “Just Getting Started” is a fav on Spotify as well.  Can’t wait to see who wins with most streams this week. 


Mendocino Lane Home and Garden Tour was a blast! 

Thank you to all who joined Drew and I at the Altadena Home and Garden Tour for a beautiful day of community!

We were honored to play the Cafe and Cantina at the Festival de Mendocino Lane from 12-2PM!  Event pictures to come!  If you have any, please tag us and share as well on Facebook and Instagram as Daniwdrewmusic 

We will see you again soon! 

Poetry Slam and Jam! Thursday 4/7 at University of the West 

The Gazebo is located on the upper campus near the Recreational Facilities and Cafeteria.   See you there this Thursday for a special night of poetry and original writings shared by Sean Hill and the talented UWest community.  Try something new with us: we will each write something new during the show and share it on the spot.  Or bring a favorite poem and share. Let’s get creative and inspired! 

"TOUCH" AS HEARD ON E! ~ "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" (KUWTK Season 12) Update Your Sexy Workout Playlist! 

Eyyyy!!  Breaking news on a couple new releases that you might recognize from watching KUWTK Season 12!

Keep an ear out for "TOUCH" and "GIVE IT TO ME BABE" produced by Tristan Boston, Fire Hazard Productions!!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians celebrated and wrapped up their 20th season!  E! had some really cool events like a drive-in experience for their finale.  How fun!  Sad that we missed that one.

Now we can stream Season 12 on Hulu, Peacock TV or YouTube premium!  

While you're at it....weekend marathon anyone?!

We hope that you have your phone handy, grab a bowl of your fav snack, and get ready to Shazam your way to a sexy fun workout playlist!





As Heard On in...

"Khloe and Kourtney Take the Hamptons" and "Bad Girls Club"!!  

"Wild Ride" releases on 2.2.22 for your listening pleasure!  If you're watching re-runs, Shazam!


This was one of my favorite songs recorded at Fire Hazard Studios with Producer Tristan Boston!  

"Wild Ride" found it's place on TV at the height of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  A couple more tunes "Give It To Me Babe" and "Touch" ended up on E! network as well.  What a blast it's been to be included as a singer-songwriter.  You never know where these songs will find a home.  

This is the first time we are releasing this song.  It's truly been a Wild Wild Ride!  

Check out the song on Spotify and all the places you love to stream.  

Play "Wild Ride" on YouTube now!

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