NEW RELEASE: Enter "THE OTHER ROOM" Dani W x Abstrakt Soundz


New EP Produced with Abstrakt Soundz Productions is OUT NOW!

This project has made its way to see the light of day!  

Sharing this project with you is a dream come true.  Created with the incredible Abstrakt Soundz Productions, I had a safe space to share my life in the form of a handful of abstract songs.  Each song is a little planet of its own.  Please enjoy as if you’re in a virtual reality tram ride or walking through a gallery or museum with your loved ones.

"The Other Room" was created after the loss of several loved ones and I can't explain how long it's taken me to truly accept each one of them passing away.  I had the pleasure of connecting with a special Digital Artist named Paul Montelongo who captured the visual nature of these sounds and mixed emotions.  His graphic designs are raw and beautiful and project the strength in facing life, death and re-creation.

Special thanks to Anthony Bowman and Digital Artist Paul Montelongo of Urks Design for bringing my mini universes to life!  


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