Allie Moss shares her creative journey at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles tonight!


The talented Artist and Songwriter Allie Moss performing and sharing her career stories with local songwriters and singers. 

“Whether you’re 16 years old or an artist with several albums out…” you still get that same feeling of starting with a blank page and as the song develops feeling like you’ve got something pretty good.  

You may also recognize Allie Moss along side artist Ingrid Michaelson.  

Allie challenged the room with an excercise she read about.  Write as many songs as you can quantity wise. Get 20 songs in 20 hours even if they’re bad.  Have a buddy and at the end you’ll play the songs for each other.  The next day your inner critic is usually gone and you write a song you’ll love and keep. 

To watch the full livestream click here!

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